Bridget McManus and Maybelle

Maybelle is a romantic 6-part webseries starring Bridget McManus and New Orleans actress/comedian Frances Nichols, which will debut on on Sunday, December 13th, 2015.

After the death of her mother, 35-year old Maybelle Garris (Bridget McManus) must learn to live for herself, as a gay woman in the south, who’s still in love with […]

The Other L Word…

Permission given to hurt me
While trusting believing and hoping
That you wont
That is love
Effort put forth
You choose to do
Not feel
For feelings sway from day to day
Actions resound louder
Than words could ever do
State of vulnerability
That goes deeper than emotions
Because you expose what is inside of thee
Even the things that favor misery
No conditions
So incredibly insane
It does not forget
What […]

Kryssy’s Fashion Korner- The Beautiful Chantelle Winnie

Chantelle Winnie, or as she is professionally known, Winnie Harlow is a rising star that the world needs and can all learn from. In the more recent years of fashion, there has been a considerable increase in what others define as beautiful. For some reason, the fashion industry has been plagued by the idea that […]


Southern style values
Cooked by examples
That sampled the greats
The essential collection
Foundation laid
Innocent eyes
Gradually begin to fade
Because the only constant
Is change
Fiction versus facts
If our dollars were honest
They would say in pleasure
Artificial affection
Perverted preservatives
Unsatisfied hunger
Sea of selfish desires
Self satisfaction
Disconnected mind set
Low cut button down top
Revealing Cleavage
Skinny jeans
That hug every curve
Beckoning me
to pursue the urge
To share blind passion
We […]

Kryssy’s Fashion Korner: 2015 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

The 2015 Emmy Awards is a show that will go down in the history books for one VERY remarkable woman in particular, Viola Davis. This year, as with most years, the show was held in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles where we have recently been experiencing extremely hot temperatures this summer. Events like this are a […]