2015 NYC Pride : The Best There Ever Was

The history of the NYC Pride is one worth visiting and as I prepared to attend my very 1st NYC Pride I made it my business to get a full understanding of why this event is one of the most attended of all prides.

In 1970, a year after the Stonewall Inn, a fundamental residence of New York City’s underground community, was marauded by police; the first Gay Pride March was held by the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee to commemorate The Stonewall Riots that occurred on June 28th, 1969.

Following the ten-year anniversary of Stonewall, thousands took to the streets for the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979. It was at that moment that a local battle had gained national attention.

In 1993 NYC Pride took its formal name as Pride Fest.

In 1997 the battle for marriage equality began and Pride Fest was in the forefront.

Year after year 2 steps were taken forward only to have 2 more steps taken back.
With the history of The Stone Wall Riots leading the way Pride Fest grew each year.
On Friday. June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that Same Sex Marriage was a right! Yes, same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states.

An addition to this The Stone Wall Inn was deemed an official New York City Landmark!

There was a lot to celebrate and I was on the 1st flight to NYC.

From the moment I exited the local NYC subway I knew I would embark on a life changing journey. The air was filled with pride and acceptance.

I was surrounded by a melting pot of culture.

Everyone was there to celebrate and boy did we celebrate. What brought chills to my body was the amount of heterosexuals that partied and walked the parade in support of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

There was no judgement.

There was no drama and even the NYPD got down to the beat of the drums.

This event made the true meaning of PRIDE very clear.

NYC Pride, I salute you!

2015 BET Awards: Truly a Night to Remember – Well Something Like That

On Sunday, June 28th millions of music enthuse tuned in for the 2015 BET Awards hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. The evening was marketed to be one of the best in BET history and knowing the stations history it was very much needed.

The BET Awards have not been the same since Will and Jada hosted in 2005. Actually BET as a station have not been the same since Debra Lee took over, but I digress.

The Ross and Anderson duo was simply amazing! The pair opened the show in a dramatic and hilarious manner that kept the viewer’s wanting more.

Performances by Kendrick Lamar and Anthony Hamilton made great TV.

The cast of Empire put on a legendary show even with the slight technical difficulties. The trio handled themselves like true performers.

If you are like me the anticipation was surrounding the evenings’ honorees; Smokey Robinson, Tom Joyner and Janet Jackson.

Tori Kelly and Ne-Yo stole the show during the Smokey Robinson tribute and Mr. Robinson himself provided a powerful message to his fellow entertainers.

Ciara killed, during the Janet Jackson tribute and at some point she actually resembled Ms. Jackson however, the tribute as a whole was horrible. It simply did not showcase the true essence of Janet. Frankly, it was boring! I was also very disappointed that Janet herself did not perform.

The one question that has truly been bothering me is what happened to the “Awards” part of the show? Each year BET gives less and less awards during the show, why is that?

Now I can go on and one about the other tragedies of the evening but social media is doing a great job of spreading the word.

Asante Samuel and Eighties Nation

American football corner-back Asante T. Samuel has embarked on his next big thing!

Samuel played college football for the University of Central Florida (UCF), and he was enlisted by the New England Patriots in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. Samuel attained two Super Bowl rings while with the Patriots and reached the postseason eight of his first nine seasons in the NFL. Samuel also played for the Philadelphia Eagles for four seasons and the Atlanta Falcons for two.

Samuel was born January 6, 1981 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and now he is placing his city on the map for a reason other than football.

On June 17th, 2015, Asante Samuel and Midori Start Media Group gathered a few patrons, media outlets and industry moguls to a private and very intimate event at Circle House Studios in beautiful North Miami, Florida.

The event was the official launch party for Samuel’s record label “Eighties Nation”.

The evening was a branding success and gave its attendees an up close and personal look at the label’s signed artist “Tee Stunna” and “Tee Jay”.

I have to say that when I first received the invite I was a bit skeptical. I was expecting another athlete that wanted to invade the music industry with talent-less artist and cliche images but that was not the case.

It was very obvious that Samuel did his research and is passionate about his new endeavor. His artist are destined for greatness and will surely hit the radio air waves by storm.

I know one thing, I will always attend an “Eighties Nation” event.

My exclusive interview with “TeeStunna” and “TeeJay” will air soon via the Loyalty Enterprise, LLC website and YouTube channel. Photos from this event can also be found on LoyaltyEnterprisellc.com.

IMG_9046 copy

Simply Elle Royal

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetElle, formerly known as Patwa, always had a love for music and a love for writing. As a young girl, she recorded herself over tape decks and mimicked the rhymes of Mase, Biggie, and Foxy Brown. As she grew older, she studied the rhymes of Jay-Z, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and AZ. While watching her cousin and his friends record, she fell in love with the idea of expressing herself using wordplay and finesse. While working on her debut mixtape “One Gyal Army”, Elle was fortunate to be recognized by Hip Hop legends such as Erick Sermon. After a short hiatus of honing her craft, Elle is currently back and working on new material.

It is always a pleasure to interview a strong , confident and centered woman. Enjoy ladies!

First Lady Truth: Elle Royal, such a beautiful name for a beautiful soul. Welcome to LezFemmeMentality.com. Thank you for joining us.
Elle Royal: Thanks for having me, I’m honored to be doing this interview with you.

First Lady Truth: Who is Elle in one word? What legacy is she working to leave behind?
Elle Royal: An “empowerer” working to leave behind a legacy of self-fulfilled and self-empowered women who understand the powers they have beyond their sexuality.

First Lady Truth: The music industry is a beast and can devour you if you are not strong. Tell us about your most vulnerable moment in this industry.
Elle Royal: A little before coming back from my hiatus. I was dealing with a few labels and had people in my ear telling me what I should do and the type of music I should be making. I even had one label tell me I needed to stop rapping altogether to pursue singing just to follow the current trends. All of this made me question my love for the process of creating and made me step away to refocus. tumblr_njzw0jq8Md1tixd1to1_1280

First Lady Truth: In my opinion the message behind the music is nonexistent in this day and age. Who inspired you growing up and who is playing in your headphones right now?
Elle Royal: Growing up Alicia Keys was a big inspiration to me because she represented strong females but my mother has always been my biggest inspiration. I always wanted to be as independent as she was, and still is. I listen to a lot of 90s era rap and neo-soul..Biggie, Jay-Z, Bahamadia, Jill Scott, Bilal, Dwele, etc.

First Lady Truth: What do you think is the biggest area of opportunity in this male dominated industry when it comes to female mcs?
Elle Royal: Since there’s a lack of female perspectives in the game; there’s opportunity to put another female opinion out there in the industry that represents another audience of women.

First Lady Truth: What message do you have for the young women who are aspiring to enter this extremely sexualized industry?
Elle Royal: Stay true to your craft. Be original and do what makes you comfortable in your own skin because if we all go down the same lane we won’t push any boundaries and will continue to be represented by one image.


First Lady Truth: Talk to your fans; what message would you like to leave them?
Elle Royal: I’d like my fans to know that I appreciate their support and I’m looking forward to meeting some of them in the future as well as looking forward to putting out new music that they can continue to vibe to.

First Lady Truth: Where can we find you and your music?
Elle Royal: You can go to my website; www.elleroyal.com which has the links to all of my social media sites such as Instagram, soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc but definitely subscribe to the YouTube and soundcloud page for updated music.

CHEF Q : When was the last time you were paid $1000 a plate?

The proud parents of Quiana Shanai Jeffries recognized early on that there was something special about their daughter. She had great awareness, determination and creativity at such a young age, especially when it came to matters in her family kitchen. As a child, Quiana stayed busy in that kitchen! She was always emptying out her mother’s Tupperware with great curiosity, wanting to know how food became magically transformed into delectable dishes. Years later, her ‘Granny’ had a vision and decided to put a spoon in her right hand and a pot in her left and said “OK, lets cook”. ‘Granny’ then began to teach Quiana all the basics she would need to know that would later help her advance in her culinary career. In essence, Granny gave the young Quiana the necessary ingredients to put in every single dish she prepared- passion, soul, and love.

By the tender age of 10, Quiana’s vision for herself was clear. She dreamed of being one of the greatest chefs ever known to mankind. She adopted a quote from champion boxing icon Muhammad Ali as her own personal life affirmation. “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.”

FullSizeRender (4)

In 2003, Quiana decided to enhance her knowledge and further hone her skills in the kitchen. She enrolled in the renowned Culinary Arts School Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California. There, she learned to perfect her passion in cooking. During her studies, Quiana was exposed to another genre of culinary expertise, adding French cuisine to her arsenal. She graduated in 2005, and that is when ‘Chef Q’ was born.

Chef Q, a native of Los Angeles, CA, holds a strong belief in giving back to her community. She volunteers her superb cooking skills to the Los Angeles Police department downtown every Thanksgiving. She also volunteers her time and talent to underprivileged high school students at William and Carol Ouchi High School. She has her Catering Company called Chefism that offers a fresh and edgy take on Southern Cuisine. Currently you can find her beasting in Floyd Mayweather’s kitchen as his Private Chef. But the journey doesn’t stop here for Chef Q. Her biggest aspirations have yet to come, such as owning her own reality cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network and continuing to create unbelievable savory culinary masterpieces. “Belief is the fulfillment of what’s already been made true.” She is the greatest, and she said that before she knew it.

Let delicious interview begin!


First Lady Truth: Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a personal chef?
Chef Q: I was born in Los Angeles California. When I was younger I was always into sports. Basketball was my life and cooking was just a hobby. My great grandmother Inez Shoemaker was a great influence in my life and gave me the foundation I needed to be a great cook. She was from Louisiana so I learned all the southern dishes. She didn’t go by recipes and measurements. She just knew how much of each ingredient to mix together. And that’s how she taught me. My passion to become a Chef didn’t come until later on in life as I graduated High School. I went to college wanting to do something with sports and when that fell through I went to Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu in 2003. That’s where CHEF Q was born. I learned so many different things and techniques in Culinary and with what I already knew from granny, it just came to play. I had the total package to be something great and amazing. After graduating, I got into working in different hotels, women rehab shelters, restaurants and catering companies. One day I got tired of making someone else money and decided to branch off and do my own catering company and that’s how CHEFISM came about. I also started getting into TV and doing different shows. I got on Guy Fieri show called Guys Grocery Games and lost. That was a year ago and all I can say is look at me now. I never gave up and I kept going. Since the airing of that particular show, I have just been focusing on myself and branding myself in my culinary field as a Personal/Private Chef.

FullSizeRender (1)

First Lady Truth: How did you link up with Floyd Mayweather?
Chef Q: This is a funny story but his assistant Kitchie actually found me on Instagram. I was cooking for a celebrity life coach and his name is Tony Gaskins. He used to post pictures of my food on his page. So Kitchie called him and told him Champ needed me for his training camp. (this was in June 2014) So the very next day I packed up my car with all of my clothes and drove to Vegas with the anticipation of working for champ for the next 8 weeks only. After his fight in September 2014 he decided to keep me. I have been with him as his Private Chef ever since. So thank you INSTAGRAM…and God of course.

First Lady Truth: Do you find it difficult to work on your brand and your identity as a chef while working for Mr. Mayweather?
Chef Q: I didn’t find it difficult to work on my brand and identity as a Chef while working for Champ. I found it easy actually. Just think I’m around the richest well-known athlete everyday. That within itself is inspirational. I am one that ALWAYS pays attention and I watch those around me. So as I am working I am also learning what to do in my own business. I was born to leave my mark on this world.


First Lady Truth: What is on your personal menu when you are simply kicking back with family and friends?
Chef Q: My personal menu when I am kicking back with just family and friends may consist of anything HEARTY and SOULFUL. I am the type to fill you up with lots of love. LOL I have that feel good food. Make you want to dance and sing in the rain. I would make fried chicken, coconut candy yams, mac and Jesus (mac and Cheese), mixed greens, cabbage, rice and gravy and it can go on and on. I like to make any day a Thanksgiving Holiday.

First Lady Truth: Do you have any aspirations of opening a restaurant?
Chef Q: That’s a question I get asked A LOT. At this point I can’t say I don’t want to have a restaurant one day. I am more focus on branding myself and just getting my name out there. I would love to have a food reality show on Oprah’s OWN network. I love to connect with others on a deeper level first. Get more intimate and then come out with a restaurant where everyone can experience me feeding his or her souls.

First Lady Truth: Is there any dish that you have yet to conquer?
Chef Q: I would love to get into more Asian dishes. I have Thailand in my bloodline and as a kid I remember the food my granddad used to make and eat. So I would love to perfect any Asian dish and maybe come up with some of my own.

First Lady Truth: If someone wanted to wine and dine you what should they cook?
Chef Q: If someone wanted to wine and dine me what should they cook?? WOW that’s a great question because it’s soooo rare that anyone really cooks for me other than my twin sister. I would say a juicy steak either Filet or Porterhouse….Loaded Baked Potato and Sautéed Broccoli. Something simple yet elegant.

FullSizeRender (3)

First Lady Truth: Where can we find your years from now?
Chef Q: Years from now you can find me just being happy and living my life accordingly. I don’t know what my future holds BUT I do know it will be a bright one. I plan on having my own cooking reality show and inspiring others within my field or just in life period.

First Lady Truth: What can you say to motivate members of our youth that aspire to be in this field?
Chef Q: My advice would simply be JUST BE YOU…. No one lives your life but you so live for YOU…Don’t compromise who you are for anyone…Don’t change who you are for anyone. Don’t be afraid to take a stand for YOUR OWN LIFE…You MATTER…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL the way you are. When it all comes down to it you don’t have anyone but yourself so why not love you for you and live accordingly. People will always have something negative to say when there is something positive. So it doesn’t matter what you do in life, just live for YOU. Do whatever makes YOU happy.

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