Pop Singer DARIO

Pop singer DARIO just released his 7th album, “Revolution (Deluxe)”.
The first single “Backlash” broke the Top 40 snatching the #28 slot on the National Independent Digital Radio Chart in its first week! His second single “Save You” made the Billboard Top 40 dance chart on July 2.

Dario’s schedule won’t be slowing down any time soon. He’s now in the process of solidifying tour dates for 2015 with a first stop July 25 in Deming, NM to headline Pride; and has snatched his first endorsement deal with a the smart watch company “Wow Wearables.”

Revolution comes off the back of the hugely successful Evolution album last year and features new songs including a Spanglish version of the hit “Save You”.

Dario has been doing things the old fashioned way.
The Pop singer got his start at a Search for Stardom convention, and was invited to audition for a handful of independent record labels.

He tried out for “American Idol” where he progressed far enough to pick up a few fans.

Since then, he’s toured with Beyonce in her Destiny’s Child days, opened for Ashanti, and sold nearly a million albums.
In the 10 years he’s been in the business, he’s recorded 7 albums, had two headlining tours and a single, “Fallback,” get some major radio play.

Dario’s last album “Evolution” hit the top 100, then the top 50, and broke through the Top 10, hitting number four.
He went on a seven-month-long 62 tour dates nationwide – with about 80 percent of “Evolution” tour stops being Pride events.
The LA based pop singer nearly double attendance at Lexington 2014 Pride Event and repeated the phenomenon at the close of the tour in Sarasota, FL.

His Evolution tour was building off of the success of Dario: Undiscovered and the series’ 2.5 million viewers.

The singer filmed his trials of the music business for the reality show “Dario Undiscovered,” which broadcast online its inaugural season.

The show was originally slotted to go to a television network for season two, but Dario declined so he could focus on “Evolution.”

Dario 2008 032

Take a look at our interview!

First Lady Truth: Pop singer DARIO; thank you for taking the time out to speak to myself and the LezFemmeMentality.com family. It is truly a pleasure to have you and I hope that you are ready to have some fun.

Dario: Thank you so much for having me, Let the fun begin!

First Lady Truth: Album # 7: congratulations on this great accomplishment; tell us about your journey in this aggressive and unpredictable industry.

Dario: Unpredictable is right! I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get a second album out, and now here we are at No. 7. To say that it has been a crazy roller coaster ride is putting it mildly. I’ve had some of the best experiences in my life writing and recording each project, but this one is extra special because it’s a deluxe version of my last album “Evolution,” and independent artists don’t often get deluxe albums. So I’m very happy the fans love it!

First Lady Truth: “Backlash” broke the Top 40 snatching the #28 slot on the National Independent Digital Radio Chart in its first week. What was your motivation for this song? What comes to mind when you hear it?

Dario: My motivation for this song in particular (as well as the whole record) came from critics saying I got lucky with my success and that I was going to be a flash in the pan. Instead of over-analyzing the negative comments and allowing what people say about my career affect me, I decided to use it as a reminder to myself that I can overcome adversity and pessimism … so I say bring it on!

First Lady Truth: What is the message behind “Save You”?

Dario: Sometimes we take everything so seriously, and we get too caught up in the little things. I wanted to write a song about allowing yourself to just forget everything for a moment and surrender to the music—letting it rescue you from everything that negatively affects you. Fans have really responded to it, too! Last month it made the Billboard Top 40 dance chart—I was surprised and very proud!

First Lady Truth: What has been the most discouraging moment in your musical career? How did that help shape the way that you handle business and your music?

Dario: It’s not so much that there was one defining moment. Like you said earlier, this is an aggressive and unpredictable industry, and so it’s very easy to become discouraged in general. I’ve learned that perseverance is so important—you have to work hard every day to create something that you can be proud of, without worrying about catering to everybody else. If you work hard and stay true to yourself, people will listen.

First Lady Truth: Tell us about your social life; do you find it difficult to obtain and maintain genuine relationships / friendships in this industry? Do you believe that it is difficult to keep your personal life private?

Dario: Honestly I don’t have a very active social life. Between putting albums out, touring, photo shoots and interviews, not to mention the responsibilities of day-to-day life, I don’t have much spare time. I’m definitely lucky, though, because I’ve been close with all of my friends since way before my success. As far as whether it’s difficult, I think that it depends on how you handle things. When I’m home there are no cameras or spectators and I have a pretty normal life, which I love because it keeps me grounded.IMG_5261-10

First Lady Truth: There are talks about a tour. Do you enjoy touring or could you go without?

Dario: I love touring! I’m actually on tour right now—we just finished the first leg of the Revolution Tour here in the U.S. We have two weeks off, then we head over to China for three months. I’ve been in this business for 12 years, I’ve toured the country nine times and this is my first world tour—I’m getting the opportunity to travel to four countries for the Revolution Tour and I couldn’t be more excited!

First Lady Truth: What are your views on the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality and the different states refusing to comply?

Dario: Of course I’m happy with the ruling! It’s sad that some people choose not to move forward, though. I love the fact that as a country we are trying to progress, even though sometimes it feels like every time we take two steps forward someone finds a way take one step right back. Hopefully soon we can just be done with all this prejudice and have the freedom to live our lives and create our own happiness.

First Lady Truth: Do you think that we will ever truly be in a world that believes in acceptance?

Dario: Absolutely! But making any change in the world begins at home.

First Lady Truth: Where can our readers find you?

Dario: My official website is www.darioonline.com, which has links to all of my social media as well. Follow me and let me know what you think!

First Lady Truth: What message do you have for your fans?

Dario: It may sound cliche, but don’t ever give up—not on your dreams, not on anything that’s important to you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or be something if it’s what you want in your heart. If you believe in yourself you can do anything!Print


Safety Net…

Allocation of funds

social service programs


creates an illusion


the social conditions

of the disadvantage

through methodical



discretionary spending

is the only agenda

but who picks and chooses

what programs are best

suited for the poor…

the rich

well aint that


reason to stay woke

not getting  consumed

in the presentation

what they’re selling

we are not buying

pro choice


pro life

it is the individual

right to choose

until it is not

means justifies

the end

discretion asserted

social program


more like destruction

crutch given

when a crutch

was not needed

some relied

to their detriment

cycle of co dependence

just like a chemical addiction

survival  demands

a check not worked for

shelter they don’t have to pay for

Eat Better Tonight most will lie for

Snap or foodstamps

Don’t act like you don’t know

Political shake up

The vote has a price

Ready aim fire



Social security

Planned parenthood

Program reform

Social safety net

Will be no more

But only for the young and poor

The elderly and age still vote

Which equals support

Entitlement versus welfare

looking out for

you and yours

not really caring

For me and mine

Funding prioritized



Who will be priority

That in itself is the irony


WAKE UP, wake up, wake up, wake up, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, please wake up ( In Dap’s voice from School Daze, if you have not seen School Daze in your down time you should give it a watch.) This week SmOkE looks at the topic of the social services safety net and entitlement versus welfare.

There are numerous agencies funded by the US government that offer social services with the aim to alleviate the conditions of the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children. Social services programs are vast and are in place for housing, food and nutrition, medical, income security and numerous other agencies. The programs vary in eligibility requirements and are provided by various organizations on the federal, state, local and private levels.

The mission for most of the agencies across the board is the same to protect the vulnerable while enabling them to become self sufficient resulting in positive change in their situation. Some programs provided by agencies are entitlement programs meaning a guarantee of access to services based on established rights or legislature and then others are viewed as welfare programs which aim to provide a minimal level of well being and social support to all citizens and residents with eligible status all they have to do is apply and meet the basic criteria.

SSA and SSI the first is viewed as entitlement and the latter as welfare, Reform health care act also known as ObamaCare and SNAP or food stamps are also welfare. Entitlement benefits such as Medicare and Social Security “earned” and welfare benefits such as ObamaCare subsidies, Medicaid, and food stamps “unearned” are sure to be heard in the news, in barbershop conversations, among students and soccer moms more than usual in the upcoming months as politicians state their positions to win the vote. It seems as the conservative position is to save or protect the “earned” benefits at all cost while the liberal position is save or protect the “unearned” benefits I believe the best solution will be found somewhere in the middle but neither party chooses to walk that line.

It is not a secret that social security as we know it will not be able to continue and provide income security for the people who have paid into the system if it is not reformed however reformation of one program should not lead to the destruction of another.  The country does have the privilege to take care of the financial affluent and middle class without making provisions for the lower income Americans. More of what the government spends needs to shift to lower income Americans but not just in the form of welfare benefits but on the job training, education and skill trainings need to be implemented and followed through increasing the longevity and the validity of the program.

There are so many issues the Democratic, Republican and Tea Party Candidates will debate over in the upcoming months as the battle for control of States and the Electoral College vote picks up. If the POTUS position changes party there are sure to be changes made to the changes implemented by the current democratic administration and I am not sure if that will bring us any closer to a “United” States of America. Diplomacy has to be put into action instead of uttered out of convenience for our country to truly be “united”.  If the lower class has no chance of advancing their position even with the existence of the social service safety net what will their future be if it is removed, the flip side to the coin because there is always one states the taxes required to support such programs inhibits growth and may actually increase the barriers for socio-economic advancement yet changes made seem to only benefit one shift in the paradigm.

I do not have the answers but I do have many questions and I intend to vote for the party which addresses the majority of my questions in a practical way. The constituents of our great United States of America entrust the welfare and future of the country into the hands of the elected officials, not to protect and provide for a selected few but for all, and the government seems to continually come up short. Be informed and use your power to vote, sounds like a broken record I know, that is where the change begins and once they are elected hold them accountable for the follow through to protect and secure the future of our financial independence and stability.

“You cannot see through the smoke

but you will get through the smoke

all you have to do is believe…”

See you around SmOkE is {ghost}…

Kryssy’s Fashion Korner- From Nothing to Something

Coming from very humble beginnings almost always yields the greatest rewards for those on the journey. It is very refreshing to see such spirits in the public eye. What’s even better is that these ladies are all young ranging from age 18-20 respectively. Their success resounds throughout various communities from the pre-teen/ teenage population to the African-American and foreigner communities. Aya Jones, Imaan Hammam and Lineisy Montero are three of the newest faces to breakout in the fashion scene and in a major way. These women are building their modeling careers based on their ability of defying the odd and are noted as being three of the most influential women to ever grace the catwalk since Naomi Campbell in the 90s.


“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching because whatever you see can inspire you.” –Aya Jones


                Experiencing one of their many firsts, both individually and collectively, the three young girls pose for a Teen Vogue shoot and accomplish a first that has rarely been seen in the modeling industry. In a room together you would never sense the typical haughty and fierce competition among models who have to work together, a trend that runs rampant in an industry fraught with women and men trying to crawl their way to the top by any means. When you combine this with their backgrounds, individual personality and where they are today, these women can all easily be inspirational role models to promote self-love and the belief that dreams really can come true no matter who you are or where you come from. Today’s young ladies could use more positive images of success and happiness to help eliminate the number of young girls succumbing to stereotypes and statistics.

images (1)

“I don’t like when I see really arrogant or pretentious models. I’m friendly, I say hello to everybody.” –Aya Jones


                Aya Jones is an astounding 20 year-old French-Ivorian who is noted for having been in at least 47 runway shows. Standing at 5’ 10” she has gorgeous wide eyes, pillowy lips and a look of sheer innocence. Jones made her tremendous fashion debut very suddenly, similar to the other two girls, when she was spotted by a model scout while walking the beautiful city of Paris. She was hired as an exclusive model for the spring 2015 post-apocalyptic themed Prada campaign. Growing up, she would never have imagined she would be a model. She practiced dancing a variety of styles of dance including, but not limited to, ballet, modern and hip-hop. Since the start of her 7-month career, Aya has walked the runway in designers such as Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Miu Miu and Dior just to name a few. Why should Aya be a role model? She intends to use her new found public status to “promote more ethnic diversity in the world and encourage a healthy body image for models.”


“It’s nice to know you can come from nothing and make it in this business.” –Imaan Hammam


                Imaan Hammam is an Egyptian/Moroccan beauty who got her start in this industry during a career defining runway show by Givenchy. Not only is this bombshell a model she is also an actress as well who has made major leaps and bounds since the beginning of her career. Unlike Jones, Imaan was initial noticed at the tender age of 14 by Code Management in Amsterdam. Her first ever fashion show was in 2012 for Jantaminiau’s Haute Couture – Autumn / Winter 2012 fashion line. One of her biggest accomplishments to date would be her cover feature on the September issue of Vogue a tremendous honor to be bestowed upon a new face, and she did not disappoint. She has also appeared in the Italian, American and French issues of Vogue. Her first film debuted in September 2014 drama film entitled N*de Area where she played Fama. At the tender age of 18, she would be a great role model because of her beautiful spirit and positive energy she puts forth in the world.


“There are lots of things you think a model should be, but you just have to be yourself-be you.” –Lineisy Montero


                Lineisy Montero is a Dominican bombshell who has embraced her natural hair and refused to conform to the “ideal” definition of a model. Her stance, has helped propel her career that much more. Her career began when she was scouted at a Dominican amusement park and came to New York for a photo shoot opportunity. Montero will be a part of Prada’s new Fall/Winter 2015 collection and has modeled for designers such as Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Luis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. One of her biggest goals, is to help show Latinas that models come in all shapes, sizes and styles and that anybody who truly has a passion for modeling can do it. Lineisy would be an amazing role model because she promotes and lives by the idea of embracing natural beauty and not conforming to others standards.


“I am comfortable in my skin. I just like being me.” –Lineisy Montero

                Personally, I cannot wait to see all of the amazing feats they accomplish both individually and together, with people like them on the rise to fame, it is safe to say the future of our celebrities is going in much more positive direction.


they said, he said, she said

show me where its written

oh snap

is that your truth…you believe

without proof…

no credible source

no hesitation to share

a tweet

IG pic

a post to the book

snap a whole movie

never a second thought

to the esteem you are ruining

all for some likes

new followers

and laughs

seems consciousness

is at an all time low

no one is exempt…

lacking humility

you seek to destroy

exposing dirty little secrets

you obtained in confidence

oh snap

is that your truth…


no loyalty in your being

for you to speak of

you are the great pretender

slithering your way to the best connection

offering unauthentic affection

with no regard for the trust you steal

all for selfish needs

selflessness is at an all time low

beg borrow and cheat

by any means necessary

so you won’t taste defeat

build yourself an earthly throne

off the goodwill of others

oh snap

is that your…TRUTH

swindle defraud

then call yourself a boss

classic definition of winning at all cost

stealing hopes and dreams

fairness is at an all time low

no extra needed

just give me what I’m owed

no advantages desired

just don’t orchestrate my demise

no forced connection

illegitimate camaraderie

reciprocity is mutual

not just when beneficial

slander and libel

anyone can get it

no discretion

with the actions

living with no balance

one hundred eighty degrees

sees your weakness become your strength

your wrong has been made right

service becomes your nature

charity is now your breath

on snap

you respect your TRUTH

and now walk in the light…



Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back…This week’s topic for SmOkE is TRUTH, not just accepting a fact or belief as true but the philosophy of truth bringing you one step closer to understanding and consciousness and the power our TRUTH has once realized.

If there is such a thing as truth one should be able to find its source or reasoning if neither cannot be found more likely than not truth does not exist.

We all have the right and the responsibility to function within our truth freely and even if someone does not agree with how one function within their TURTH we have to accept it and give that person the space and time needed to grow or self destruct.  A person’s TRUTH speaks directly to the character good, bad and indifferent. Everything that makes up the whole of a person, how they think and how they operate will show itself over time as they reveal their TRUTH.

Dr. Maya Angelou said it best “When a person shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”   There is no more accurate of a statement not everyone’s moral and ethical makeup is rooted in good some people operate from a place that resembles evil and greed. Some people are inherently good therefore some would have to be inherently evil.  Not everyone has the same heart as you some will intentionally try to make a fool of you. I am not a pessimist (well not all the time) but if one is truly aware you acknowledge the negative as well as the positive and know they co-exist just as the yin and yang and you live accordingly accepting people for who they are.

Your character is golden and should be respected for all the power it possess but people disrespect their character on a daily and have the audacity to get upset when others treat them accordingly. When a person operates in their TRUTH it should always be in a way that accentuates the best of them and does not cause harm, injury or insult to others. We all know that is not the case from minor instances to grand occasions we are able to bring to our memory one or several situations where the exact opposite has happened. When a person causes harm, injury or insult once or rarely it does not necessarily give rise to their TRUTH but when a person’s mode of operation is always affecting someone negatively that is indeed their TRUTH.

Whatever your TRUTH may be ownership of the character trait is vital for self awareness. Not everyone knows that their behavior is negatively affecting their character; they operated for so long being the only standard they used to gauge right or wrong until they believed they were the only authority and created a flawed system. The hardest thing for a zebra to do is change its stripes, I am thankful we are human beings and not zebras, once a person actions has shown they have some questionable or peculiar character traits it will be hard for them to convince a person otherwise. It will definitely take more than lip service it will take continued effort with consistent tangible corroboration of their growth. I know you have heard the saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, most people will not give someone a third time to fool them if you get a second you good.

We can choose to destroy or we can choose to build up, we can choose to take advantage of or we can choose to be fair, we can choose to glorify ourselves  or we can rise by lifting others if we choose the latter in each situation we become more aware of the power our character posses. Even if we operate in a TRUTH that is destructive in nature we can choose to change but only if made aware of the need to change and then the desire to change. We have free will and as long as in the exercise of our free will we do not step on the back of others crushing their necks in advancement of our own agenda our TRUTH becomes our light and not our darkness and that is what one should try to do live life in a way they give off a light that others may follow.

You cannot see through the smoke

but you will get through the smoke

all you have to do is believe…”

See you around SmOkE is {ghost}…

Exclusive premiere of Raven’s Touch Trailer starring Dreya Webber and Traci Dinwiddie

Raven's Touch

San Francisco, CA – Marina Rice Bader (Executive Producer of Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending, and writer/director of Anatomy of a Love Seen) is proud to announce the release of Raven’s Touch’s trailer: http://www.onemorelesbian.com/ravens-touch-official-trailer.html

Raven’s Touch marks Soul Kiss Films’ fourth feature and stars Dreya Weber (The Gymnast, A Marine Story) and Traci Dinwiddie (The Notebook, Elena Undone, Supernatural TV Series).

Raven’s Touch will have its world premiere in Los Angeles on August 1 followed by its northern California premiere in San Francisco on August 6 at 7:00pm at the Victoria Theater.

Tickets to the SF screening are now available online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1668651
Watch the film, meet the stars, enjoy the after-party with DJ Page Hodel, food from Frannie’s Kitchen, and enter the drawing to win a limited edition nude of Dreya, signed by the lovely lady herself

Written by Dreya Weber, produced by Marina Rice Bader, and co-directed by both, the film tells the story of two women who find healing in the most unexpected place. Blaming herself for a tragic accident, Raven Michaels (Dreya Weber) secludes herself at a remote family cabin. She wanders the woods on the verge of a breakdown, seeking peace in isolation. In a last ditch attempt to save her family, Kate Royce (Traci Dinwiddie) takes her two teenagers camping far from the distractions of technology and young romance. When Raven and Kate’s worlds collide they offer each other unexpected opportunities for intimacy and healing.

Dreya Weber is a well known Bay Area actress/producer and aerialist. She’s worked as an aerialist for celebrities including Madonna, Cher and Pink, for whom she choreographed several aerial acts including the performance of Pink at the 2010 Grammy Awards. She also performed aerial silk at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. She produced and stars in The Gymnast which took home 28 festival awards, including Best Feature at Outfest, Newfest and Frameline.

Traci Dinwiddie is known for her work on “The Notebook”, “Mr Brooks” and for her recurring spot as badass and blind psychic Pamela Barnes on the CW’s “Supernatural.” We also remember her for her award-winning performance as Peyton Lombard in “Elena Undone”. Traci has studied West African drumming for years. She is often a guest artist playing djembe and dun duns for the world fusion band, Yeh Dede. She used to be a key member of the band, The Groove Goddesses – a name she uses as on Twitter ( @groovegoddess) where she leads a community of fans known as “T-bugs.

For more information: ravenstouchmovie.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ravens-Touch/543260399040704?fref=ts


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