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As your voice of reason in the entertainment arena, it is only fitting that I address the Emmy Awards.  I always ask, “Did they get it right; were we properly represented, or is this just another pacifier for straight, European descendants?”  Well, let’s take a look, but first let’s pay some bills.

Time is running out to register for the big poetry slam competition hosted by Jessica Betts in Florida.  Take a look-see at the video for details:

So, the Emmy Awards:  

“Breaking Bad” has been off the air for over 5 years, yet cleaned up in Emmy Awards.  The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family didn’t do too bad either, but again, these are shows that have been around for a minute.  What changed?  Are we running out of quality television, or is this representative of the material Americans sit to watch week after week?

Truth be told, I love all three shows.  But what about the LGBTQ and “Black” shows?  What consistently keeps us locked out of the Emmy Awards?  Is it possible that the Black shows are just too far left?  What about the LGBTQ shows?  We hardly see any of those these days.  Has the fad to be gay faded away?  Maybe Raven Symone and Brittney Griner can change all that within the coming years; they seem to keep both straight and LGBTQ entertained.  For now, get used to the regular, dysfunctional, every day, run of the mill shows that cater to the straight, European viewers.  At least they didn’t forget Robin Williams…

Of course the most entertaining aspect of the award show was the disgusting kiss Cranton planted on Julia Dreyfus. LMAO.  Did you see her face?  I don’t think she was privileged to an advance notice with that prank…  LOL

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Love Lessons: Solomon’s Reality Check

I didn’t stop by last week because if you remember I was dealing with my ex and trying to get to work. That whole situation escalated so fast that evening that I had to stay away from you all and recover. I got into a fist fight that night and I feel like everything around me was in the  ‘be-against-Solomon’ mode. Well we are definitely past that situation three weeks later but I am still caught up in the emotions. Yes, three weeks have passed and I’m still going back and forth.

The thing I hate most about my heart is that it absorbs everything! All you know about in this moment is that I have emotions still attached to my ex but there are so many other things going on around me and my ex is the least of my concerns.

My best friend Sherif , who lives across the hall from me, is always caught in a triangle of something. The problem with Sherif is that he is married to a beautiful woman but he loves to have sex with other people. He says he loves his wife but he has no control over his attraction to other women. Sigh.

I don’t get it. Not because I have a right to speak about that dude and what he does with his private parts but I don’t understand how true love works, apparently. I look at his household and all I see are the flowers and unicorns flying around in the living room. His wife Pam is stunning and she cooks a mean meatloaf. She goes to work everyday and comes home to take care of their four kids before she puts pots on the stove and make sure that dinner is ready before baths are issued out. What does my man Sherif do every night while his beautiful wife is doing all that? He goes to the local bar and he finds someone to sleep with. Yes, it’s that random and he told me about it. With no shame in his heart he wants me to lie to his wife all the time but I can’t look at Pam and know her husband is a dog but still lie, for HIS sake. No buddy, he knows I will never participate in hurting her. I guess I’m wrong for knowing and not telling her but what do you do in this situation? That’s right, you keep it moving and try to ignore the the fact your friend is hurting his wife everyday. The woman he shares vows with. The woman who has laid on the table four times to deliver healthy baby boys because her husband wants this huge family. The woman who chose to take the bus so her beloved husband can drive to the city instead of waiting on transit. The same woman who is the reason he even exists outside of prison because she scooped him up and had faith he was changing when he was going to church every night of the week over 20 years ago. Yes, he has been blessed with a wife and family but my man definitely doesn’t act like he appreciates it but that’s not my concern, I’m just telling you all the story so you are on the same page.

Who is knocking at my door? It’s 3 in the morning and I know I’m not expecting company. Maybe I should ignore it. If I don’t open the door, nobody can get in. I’ll just lie here because it must be someone who is lost and once I don’t answer my door, they will run to someone else for assistance. Yes, I’ll just re-adjust myself in the bed and get comfy again so I can get right for my day tomorrow.

Wait, I hear crying. There is still knocking but the sound of sobbing makes me jump straight up. Why is someone at my door still knocking after I ignored it for 2 minutes and now they’re crying? Ok, I can go look through the blinds and see if I recognize a car in the parking lot. Must be a friend and they decided to come over because it’s an emergency at 3 in the morning. It better be an emergency at 3 in the morning or this concern I have will no longer be for the tears I hear but for them to leave my house before I hurt them.

I hear Sherif’s wife Pam say my name in a weak tone. I rush to the door and unlock it so I can process what’s going on. She is standing there in a tattered nightgown with her beautiful black hair, that is normally in place, all over her head and she appears to be a survivor of a pretty bad physical altercation. Her nose is bleeding, there are scratches everywhere and her eye is swollen and black. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED? And why is she at my door? I barely talk to her because I feel guilty that I know her husband cheats on her multiple times a week; I feel guilty each time I stop by their house so I avoid visits as much as possible.

She is just staring at me with an air of confidence that is burning through my chest.

“Did you know?” she asks.

I am blank. I don’t even know what to say to this woman right now because if she is this beat with physical evidence yet standing at my door and asking questions, I know this can’t be good.

“Did. You. Know?”

I respond very simply “Yes”.

It is in that moment that I realized I had never experienced love before. When Pam fell in my arms from being weak, all I could do is hold her and rub her hair for comfort. This is so uncomfortable but I can’t just push her away. Oh boy, this is tough. Her pain is from a place of being in love with her husband and finding out he is a cheater. My common sense assures me that there is no other answer for the turn of events I just witnessed.

I helped her inside so I could clean her wounds and I could get her stable enough to walk her back home. I got my first-aid kit and some warm towels to wipe the dried blood all over her face and I offered her hot tea to help her relax. None of this can be good but I need to get things in a better place before I try to have a detailed conversation. As I was wiping her nose she looked at me and said “I’m glad he is a cheater because I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you Solomon and now I can be free to be happy with the woman I love.”

Whoa! Yeah, I’ll be back next week and I’ll make sure you all know everything that happened that night.


Love Lessons: What’s your relationship with bad habits?

I know some of you read last week and got to meet Solomon. Very interesting person and you’ll get more in the near future but I have to interject and bogard my blog this week to discuss something that is heavy on my heart. The relationship each of us has with life is different but it all boils down to the basics; we all have a relationship with bad thoughts and horrible choices. If you are a living and breathing person, you have had your share of messing up and realizing that what you thought was a great idea actually is the worst thought you could have ever had.

I love the fact that I have made mistakes, it has given me something to compare my success with. I am a very bright individual but as a human being, I don’t always have all the answers as I feel that I should. I encourage criticism and I love when I discover a better way to do things. Do you know why I feel this way? I’ll tell you. It makes me better in all areas. If I keep doing the things I am doing and they’re not necessarily the best fit, once I get enlightment from a knowledgeable person, I can change directions and get the best results. Just because I’m intelligent and creative does not mean I’m always right. I will take someone else’s approach over my thoughts when I realize they know more than me and I can benefit from the diverse approach. It’s a wonderful thing to gain knowledge and insight; life starts to look brighter when you have various angles to see and make your ideas more rounded.

We don’t all think alike so nothing will be identical at all times. Don’t be so attached to your ideas you let them stand in the way of something good for your life. I’m speaking from experience, I used to have an issue with my pride and my ego. Both of those things attach negative thoughts to your vibe. No matter what you’re feeling in life, when your pride gets in the way, emotions tend to get rubbed extra hard and in the wrong direction. Your ego is the next thing to make you dislike others, it makes you feel bigger than a bright idea even though you’re fresh out on your end.

I’m not trying to hurt your feelings but I want to share honesty so you can evaluate yourself and become better; professionally, mentally and physically. Don’t get upset with me if this is about you, take a look at yourself and process the words to determine if you need to adjust things for yourself. Getting upset with my words means you are mad with the truth and the truth is all in your hands, so ultimately, you should be mad with yourself. Might seem confusing but it’s reality and you can take it or leave it. My life is on my track according to my experiences and things I deal with in life so the thoughts I share might not fit everyone’s life. If you can grab the truth and grow from it, great, my blog did it’s job this week but if I’m not talking to you, don’t get upset, just stop reading and check back another day when the words can actually matter.

I usually post on Thursdays but tonight seemed more appropriate. Thanks for always reading, I appreciate the support. Register on this site so you can post feedback or questions. Solomon will be here next week so you don’t have to worry about hearing my mouth concerning reality.

Love Lessons: Meet Solomon

This isn’t about all the great moments the world should embrace and make unicorn juice with and it definitely is not for those who want this tragic drama about another person’s jacked up life. No. I would have to say this is just the beginning of our friendship. Yeah, you and me. We have just become best friend and that’s not something I’m excited about but since I’m going to tell you all my business, I have no choice but break the news to you straight. I’m very quiet when in the presence of people, that’s probably why I’m going to talk your ear off. It’s selfish that I don’t want to interact with with other people but it saves everybody some heartache and pain.

You’re still reading and since you can’t talk back to me, I’ll take it you agree. You’re the one still reading so don’t debate what I’m saying, I’m just the portal for you to be nosey and look at my life, every little square inch and there is quite a bit of footage we have to cover. The people you are going to meet over the next few weeks through this big ass glass you’re sitting in front of don’t even know I’m putting their business out to perfect strangers who just enjoy reading about emotions….a perfect strangers emotions. Wait, should I be leery of you? I just thought about that. You are excited to hear everything aren’t you?

First of all, the author who is typing this for me will not be creating the kumbaya effect for any reason. Have you read her blogs? She’s like this ‘balance-and-spiritual-mumbo-jumbo-throw-your-hands-in-the-air’ type person and sometimes I just want her to shut-up and let people live but I’m bitter with life so keep reading her stuff, it’ll help you against people like me. I am NOT all ‘balance-and-spiritual-mumbo-jumbo-throw-your-hands-in-the-air’ and I told her if I was going to let her speak for me, she will not make me appear perfect. Let me tell you something, I’m not a role model for anyone, I’m just a person who doesn’t know how to use my voice and with the help of the same author I was just talking junk about, I realize I can’t be silent anymore. Yes, this is written by an “author”, technically, but trust, I will be the only one giving you front row seats to the action and boy is it some dysfunctional yet interesting stuff in my life. I’m so rude, you see how I am. I didn’t even introduce myself, just started talking and bulldozed the conversation. I’m sorry.

My name is Solomon. People call me Sol for short (I hate to abbreviate my name, put Pine in front of it and it is the name of a cleaning supply). Anyway, that’s not why we’re here but I ramble a lot so be prepared for any and all distractions. If it gets too annoying just stop reading, I don’t care, I’m going talk as much as I want anyway.

I am 24. I’m a Libra but I hate other Libras; they are too needy and it annoys the crap out of me. I know that sounds horrible but reality is something I can’t control. Let’s see, what do you need to know? Oh, I have the cheesiest friends on the planet and plums are the devil.

Today has been rough because my ex has been calling a lot. Let me start you at the beginning of my past relationship. I know I said past which means it happened before but then I contradicted that and referenced my ex in a current situation. In case you aren’t familiar with love scenes in life, they aren’t always the most stable when it comes to emotions and breaking up with someone. My ex is still my fill-in for a mate, that is until we get mad at each other over something we shouldn’t even be concerned with since we keep saying we broke up. The people around us don’t even treat us like we’re broken up and it’s probably because we carry on like a couple who just can’t get it right but for now, respect the fact that we are broken up and our feelings don’t want to accept the truth.

So yeah, my ex is calling and today I want to be broken up because I just can’t keep dealing with this emotional roller coaster we have each other on. We are so ridiculous with our expectations of each other and something has to give. Why do we keep tabs on each other, STILL? Why is ok for us to have a key to each other’s house when all we do is give it back when the anger gets too high? I mean, we do this every week and both of us are responsible for the chaos. I am going to set the boundaries today so this cycle can stop.

After I answer this call, I’ll be done, I promise. See, you don’t even believe me and we just got acquainted; trust issues already but I expect that from someone who hasn’t been in love with my ex. Amazing! Yes! The best mate I ever had. Teacher by day and night lounge owner seven nights a week. Ambitious is not the word, we just have different views on world issues which creates a wedge between us in all other areas. I’m a Democrat, my ex is a Republican. I’m Protestant  and my ex is Jewish. I don’t want to go back to college but my ex doesn’t want to be with a loser who isn’t trying to “do more” with their life; refusing to understand that I can still continue my career path WITHOUT a degree and learn whatever I miss via Google search or YouTube. The list goes on but our love doesn’t seem like it wants to. Maybe I shouldn’t say our love is to blame because we definitely love each other, it is more a lack of effort or even the desire to try.

I don’t know. I never understood love or even thought about getting married until I met my ex; my complete opposite yet sharing the vibe of similarity that I need. I’m done talking about my ex because it gets me confused about whether I should move back in or just keep my focus on being single. I mean actually cutting the communication completely (calls,text and social media) and making us grow separately.

As I answer this phone all I see is that smile. WAIT! I have to stop, let me get my focus. “Hello?” There’s silence. Now there are tears. “What’s wrong?”

Still silence. Ok, time to try a different approach. NO! This is a trap and I have to stay focused. I have to get us healthy. There’s a reason we can’t be together and we have to respect that.

“Look, I’ll call you later because I’m in the middle of cooking and don’t really have time for ‘US’ right now.”

“Please don’t hang up. I just wanted to hear your voice. I won’t hold you though. Bye Sol”

The phone goes silent and now I have to get ready for work so I’ll give you all the details when you come over next week. This is so crazy but I can’t even open that box right now or I’ll be late, as I usually am when this sort of thing happens between us. Yeah, let me get out of here and stay strong against my heart because the struggle of hearing that voice sound so authentic and caring is making me forget my keys AND my badge to get in the building at work. Grrrrrrr!!!!! This is why I hate my ex!

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