TAKING IT TO THE STREETS: All You Gotta Do is Say “Yes”

It’s been a while since writing my last blog.  I’ve been quite busy developing my new club, Maxim’s located at 5608 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98118, which is a very interesting endeavor, that positions me smack in the middle of entertainment wars.  Today I’m going to get straight to the point; therefore making for a very short blog.

I have crossed paths with some very high profile entertainers as well as starving artists.  You know what they all have in common?  They think they’re the best and should receive Janet Jackson pay.  So now I’m in the business of negotiating entertainment agreements/bookings, and you wouldn’t believe what some of these entertainers ask for.  That’s truly neither here nor there.  What is important is the number of entertainers, particularly starving artists, who when given the opportunity to perform for a percentage of the door money turn down the opportunity.

Some of these entertainers don’t understand that it is not always how much they make as much as it is who you run into and the opportunity to increase their following.  I even had an entertainer say to me, it’s not my job to advertise my event.  Really?  You make less than $10.00 per show and think the venue is responsible alone for filling the seats?  If this is you, get out of the business; you will fail miserably…

When someone presents an opportunity for you to share your skills, humble yourself, brush your collar off and reply, “Yes.”  You never know what will happen next.  Opportunities are always knocking.  All you have to do is open the door.

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Love Lessons: Embracing my relationship with my flaws.

As I sit here, I evaluate my life and how I got to where I am mentally, spiritualy and emotionally. There have been so many experiences that I had to learn from and nothing came with instructions. I have made quite a few mistakes in life and I don’t regret anything; my mistakes are what give my growth the spunk to shine. I am always reaching for better in life, in every area. I used to float through life like I was innocent and everybody else was to blame for my misfortunes. I didn’t want to face the facts of my life and admit that everything negative I was going through was being created directly by me.

I had to sit and think about what truly made a difference in my life as I gained mental and spiritual freedom from the oppression I was causing; I got the momentum to push hard and do the right thing once I embraced my relationship with my flaws. Accepting the fact that my flaws are always present BUT they are not the dominating factor for the duration of my life. I had to learn to bond with my flaws so I could eject them from my spirit. Might sound crazy but there’s no way to even know what to remove from your life if you can’t recognize what’s actually unhealthy.

I am connected to the things that make my universe unique to me; when reality hits, that overpowering energy can’t be ignored. I have a great relationship with my flaws, we both understand that everything isn’t for everybody so with respect and understanding, I never have a problem parting ways with my flaws but I never forget that the same flaws labeled as “bad” are the real reason I’m stronger, wiser and more enriched in my soul.

Without my flaws, how would I know my areas of strength? Without my flaws, how would I be able to see myself in a better light once I realized the flaw and decided to get rid of it? I get criticized all the time, sometimes by people who should love and respect me unconditionally, and accused of not being perfect. I will never claim to be perfect; I can’t help that I’ve done things and I know quite a few techniques to assist others on their spiritual walk. I have people say things that attack my integrity and character. I get individuals question my authentic motive in ANY situation. I hear all the negative from others about me but I stay balanced because I know I accept my flaws and work on them each day. Nobody else can look at my life and tell me what it really should be like. To outsiders, your life might look a certain way and they feel like they can “fix” you but in the bigger picture (the ONLY thing that truly mattes), the journey you’re traveling can only be traveled by you. When you have other human beings staring at your life and analyzing what THEY feel is best for you, you can sometimes forget that you have a brain and you are smart enough to handle things you need to handle in order to grow. Am I above being criticized? Of course not but I am not open to allow others to “attempt” to control my every move when they have their own moves they should be focused on making.

How can someone who hasn’t lived your life, moment by moment,  know exactly how you should act? People give advice based on what they know (at least that’s the way it should go) and what THEY know is not always what YOU are. There’s a difference and people don’t always stop to evaluate the fact that others can’t control you, no matter how bad they want to. If they see flaws according to what they feel is right but it doesn’t match what YOUR reality is based on YOU living your life everyday, you definitely need to keep it moving and do what you KNOW is right in your heart. Everyone won’t understand or even like things you do or say but you don’t live for another human beings validation. Face your flaws YOUR way. We are all different so things will affect each individual in a different way. It’s not fair to allow someone else who is fighting their own reality to try and distort yours.

I know you hate admitting that something you’ve done for years is actually not a good thing to practice but you have to uplift that flaw and then escort it right out the front door of your life. I give advice to others because I understand, not because I’m perfect. The reason I CAN give advice is because I DO embrace my flaws and I have every right to encourage others as they seek guidance and support on their journey. Do I know everything since I keep speaking about all the things I’ve learned and all the growth I have done? Not at all! I am simply an individual who understands that flaws make all of us human and nobody can expect you to be anything else.

Make your flaws your motivation and make sure you embrace the darkest parts so others have no room to speak against you as you continue to strive towards your success but most of all so you can understand and KNOW what the beauty of your spirit really means.


Thank you all so much for reading. I believe in being transparent and sharing my thoughts about what truly makes all of us one. We are different beings and the sooner we learn to respect that and allow others to live their life THEIR way, we will have more balance in the universe and within our personal space. Make sure you register on this site so you can tell me how you feel about this topic or you can email me questions, comments, concerns or blog topics at LoveLessons@LezFemmeMentality.com; I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Lessons: What is your relationship with reality?

That title is very loaded but of course you have to break it down. This week was supposed to be dedicated to a new mini-series I am going to create for my avid readers who visit my relationship blogs but this particular topic was given to me by someone who is new to my life but proving to be quite an asset in the area of creative triggers.

We were having a conversation about why people have to make life so hard. She asked me what that meant and we agreed to discuss it in a few days. Of course my brain took off and it really evolved into this whole palette of thoughts to determine the answer to that question and here I sit shoving my thoughts in your face. I have some serious thoughts about what people do to show they appreciate life. I know you’re waiting on my wonderful drawn out and well-written answer to the title but I am giving you the version that will actually help you. I’ve learned that one of the first rules of reality is that you can’t rush it. You can’t want something that might require great thought and preparation but because you’re too anxious you don’t respect the natural order of the universe so instead of letting things fall the way they should according to your destiny and pre-mapped out journey, you rush the whole process and then get angry when things don’t go the way you envisioned it. In this situation, what is your relationship with reality? What should happen here? What I am writing is based purely on me and you are not obligated to follow my lead; everything isn’t for everybody but if these words are meant to help your life, read on and process the support you receive.

Now, there are many things that can happen once the tragedies in your life strike but there is only one answer that will actually help you become better so you don’t repeat the same mistakes more than once; reality. The title says what is your relationship with reality? Do you even know what the relationship with reality looks like? Have you taken time to grasp reality and know exactly what it means to let it control your life? These are questions you have to ask yourself so you’ll get the most accurate answer, for yourself. This blog isn’t about me telling you exactly how to fix your life simply because I’m a blogger and I say go for it but these words are merely tools you can use to assist you whenever you need to be reminded of the strength you’re ignoring.

You are running away from reality because denial is in the driver’s seat but what you don’t realize is that reality is the one thing that will actually be able to drive you safely towards becoming genuinely better in life and consistently striving towards goals. Are you serious about becoming better and always giving your best or is it just for show? I know you feel like I asked quite a few questions and shorted you with my creativity but I showed you the key  that you have held the whole time. Maximize your knowledge about you and embrace the things that aren’t perfect. You might not like what you see but once you actually decide to look at it in depth, you will be able to fix it the right way and make everything that isn’t meant to be infused into your path vanish forever.

Take care of you and make sure that your reality is something you look forward to receiving. Thank you all so much for reading, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have a reason to share my personal thoughts. Register for the site and share your feedback, your presence really matters to the world and it’s important for diversity.

Kryssy’s Fashion Korner- An Ode to Natural Nicki


For as long as ANYBODY can remember Nicki has always been known as the Harajuka Barbie and would dress up in these ridiculous wigs and costumes that made me scratch my head and wonder who in the heck thought that was cute on her. In many interviews she has said that these past outfits were inspired by other people on her team who stated they felt this “best depicted” the Nicki they were trying to portray at the time. Whoever these individuals are, I desperately need to have a word with them because NONE of that was cute.


Yes it made her an individual and made her stand out but for all the wrong reasons in my book. She was ALREADY one of the hottest female lyricists to come out in a very long time and you would think that would be enough to create her own niche in the music industry. While many may disagree with the rhymes she was spitting, her record sales and popularity amongst the masses showed a completely different reception.


As her career has continued to progress, it is obvious that she finally feels it is the time for her style to progress as well, a prayer that I have been praying for MANY a years. She has shifted from the over the top Nicki to a more natural and elegant Nicki that I personally love way more than the Barbie version despite the fact it does not change all the plastic surgery she has done to herself, something I can certainly accept.


In an interview with MTV Nicki explains these changes and states, “You can either continue doing costumes or you can just say, ‘Hey guess what? This will shock them even more. Doing absolutely nothing will shock them even more.” Boy was she right about that. When the new Nicki hit the social media sites and television screens people did not know what to say. Me personally I had to double take to be sure that I was in fact looking at who I thought she was. She was the trending topic on Instagram and Twitter for a while mainly with positive feedback from the change.


As long as this change continues to bring GREAT music and banging rhymes Nicki will always have a fan in me, no matter how much shade she tries to throw Iggy’s way. Yes, I had to take a small shot at her for that one but that doesn’t mean I love her any less.


Love Lessons: Releasing unhealthy relationships so you can grow.

It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you take time out to be alone. I mean just you and the air around you. Have you evaluated what and who is in your personal space; who and what is actually valuable versus simply existing? I’m not too big on being controlled so in March 2014 I started a study on myself to analyze what all the relationships in my life are like, to include my personal habits and things I hold dear; I needed to see what I enjoy versus what I’m attached to and being controlled by.

I started with the review of every single human being I have ever come in contact with. I looked at the depth of my relationship with an individual then I processed what we give to each other, good or bad. I released quite a few people I admire and love but through my eyes on this journey, they just don’t fit what I need to go forward. Sounds weird? I can understand that. Why would I cut the line with someone if they haven’t done anything wrong? Why is it that something has to be labeled as “wrong” because it doesn’t work in a particular equation in your life? In my opinion, that doesn’t deem something as wrong, I just respect that everything isn’t for everybody so I have to build my future according to what IS intended for my life.

I started this in March because that’s when I was given a reality check on my life and I had to admit quite a few negative truths to myself, ABOUT myself. I had to start cleaning the walls of my spirit so I could make sure there was room to receive what WILL make my journey continue to move in the right direction. I started looking at myself in a different way because the realizations I had to embrace made me see that I had a lot of detaching to do; everything that was holding my attention was being generated by my energy and thoughts. There is not one situation that is someone else’s fault. I might have experienced something negative with another individual but the final results I have to live with have always been my responsibility. I started cleaning out my closets and making sure I wasn’t holding things that had no true purpose in my wardrobe any longer. Why keep a sweater that I bought five years ago even though I have only worn it once? I’ve always been afraid to let things go that I feel will one day be important. The problem with that is when will the day actually come? When will I make that item that’s so important I let it take space where it shouldn’t be the center of attention? Once I started re-organizing things and making sure that the lines were clear, I could see the change in my energy. I was now focused on the important view versus the comfortable view. I gained respect for the relationship I was building with myself.

Of course the snowball effect starts once you clear your spiritual vision. You look at everything from a new angle and you can see exactly where you need to head. I have isolated myself from most people so I can maintain my focus on what’s important, continuing to let go of things that hold my energy or spiritual balance hostage in a negative or a ‘not-so-positive-that-it-truly-makes-a-difference’ type of way. I have so much more to do in this process but today marks the release of a twelve year relationship; the bond I have with my hair. I have been growing my dreadlocks since 2002 and I adore the strength that lies in the roots but my strength is not controlled by my hair; my strength lies within my heart, my spirit, my soul, my emotions and anything that actually keeps me powered for progression. I am so dedicated to a healthy relationship with myself I refuse to be bound by hair that can’t be versatile or free, just there for length and because according to society, “I shouldn’t cut them since they are so long”. I know my hair is beautiful and it has always been my goal to keep it maintained and neat but the limits I have on my life because of this “beautiful” hair probably doesn’t cross anyone’s mind when they see the tips of my hair almost touch my butt. Yes, in about three more inches I would be able to tuck my hair in my pants. When I need it washed, the twenty-minute process takes up so much of my free time simply because I need to be presentable, I have to schedule a huge chunk of time to complete the process (3 to 4 hours average). I need to keep my edges crisp so the long hair that has no purpose can be the highlight of any random conversation; people are always so interested in dreadlocks. I am ready to take my hair out of bondage and at nine o’clock a.m. on Thursday July 3, 2014, I will release the biggest responsibility I have ever taken on besides being a parent….I will end my relationship with my needy and very dependent dreadlocks.

I can already appreciate what making this decision means for my life. No more long shampoo and twist sessions. No more requirements for tying my hair at night so it can stay neat. No more looking for rubberbands to keep it under control and out of my face. No more trying to keep it free from bugs in the summer because they can get lost and I never know until they decide to fly away and be free. No more lots of things but I WILL experience the relief of the peace I feel with my choice. It will astonish most because it’s a big step but for me it is an opportunity to detach from something that doesn’t need to be the focus of what my true goals in life are. I am striving to be a voice and always be on a platform for change. I was designed to make a difference and remain solid with doing the right thing. There are so many things in my spirit that need to be released into the universe for a positive revolving door of energy and my hair will not affect how that happens. I am taking charge of my life and making sure I keep a targeted view for what really matters; the relationship in my spirit is the priority and anything else has to go. Speak up to yourself about what you mean to you. Read that sentence again and again until you understand; once you fully embrace it, you can live in it. I send vibes of peace and I pray you find what holds you so you can be released.



Thank you for reading, we will continue to spread the words of support and strength; this is a wonderful life and you should never forget to live in it!

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